Management and Personnel

Board of Trustees

Jose F. Peralta


Jose F. Peralta, BBA, MBA, DBA, CPA

Harold Anthony Martin P. Lim

Member and Corporate Secretary

Harold Anthony Martin P. Lim, BSA, MBA, DBA

Oliver Francis Raymund P. Lim


Oliver Francis Raymund P. Lim, AB-EM, LLB

Atty. Vincent Cruz

Asst. Corporate Secretary

Atty. Vincent Cruz

Gina T. Sanchez


Gina T. Sanchez, BSBA, MBA

Administrative, Academic & Technical Officers

Jose F. Peralta

Jose F. Peralta, BBA, MBA, DBA, CPA

President, CEO, CAO, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate School of Business

Oliver Francis Raymund P. Lim

Oliver Francis Raymund P. Lim, AB-EM, LLB

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Gina T. Sanchez

Gina T. Sanchez, BSBA, MBA

Executive Vice President, Vice President for Academic Affairs Undergraduate & SHS Programs, Director, National Service Training Program

Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza

Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza, BSc., BSCE, MSc., MS, MAURP, MBA, DBA,Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Dean of GSB, Director DRM Unit and R and D, Special Assistant to the President for Planning and Linkages and Adviser Information and Communication Technology

Ricardo R. Abreu

Ricardo R. Abreu, BSBA, MBA

Vice Dean Undergraduate Program, College Secretary

Dr. Catherine T. Florentino

Dr. Catherine T. Florentino, BSC, MBA, DBA

BSBA Department Head & BS REM Coordinator

Beejay L. De Leon

Beejay L. De Leon, BSA, CPA

Head of BSA Department and CPA Refresher/Review Coordinator

Dominic Q. Taday

Dominic Q. Taday, BSA, MBA

Senior High School Principal, General Education Dept., Head, LMS Lead Trainer/ Technical Support Undergraduate and SHS Programs

Teodorico C. Tan

Teodorico C. Tan, BSBA, MBA


Luz A. Rodriquez

Luz A. Rodriquez, BOA, MAEd, RGC

Guidance Counselor & NSTP Coordinator

Happy L. Manalo

Happy L. Manalo, BSBA Human Resource Management

Head of Human Resources, LMS Administrator Undergraduate & SHS Programs

Carlo N. Luna

Carlo N. Luna, R.L.

OIC-Chief Librarian

Angelica Lourdes L. Pangilinan

Angelica Lourdes L. Pangilinan, BSA, CPA

Supervisor, Accounting Department

Ernie M. Lopez

Ernie M. Lopez, BSCpE., MBA

Senior System Analyst, GSB E-Learning Coordinator

Rodrigo E. Cabrera

Rodrigo E. Cabrera, DBA

Associate Director, DRM Unit

Federico A. Figueroa Jr.

Federico A. Figueroa Jr., DBA

Research Fellowship Program Director, DRM Unit