About Us


The Guidance Center was created in order that the students may discover and develop their potentials to the fullest through the different services.

Our Vision Statement

The PSBA-Manila Guidance and Counseling Center will empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a developmentally appropriate program that addresses academic, personal\social, and career goals.  We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence.  School Counselor believe that every student can succeed through the partnership of school, home leading to successful entrepreneurs and productive citizens in the 21st century

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the PSBA-Manila Guidance and Counseling Center is to provide a developmentally appropriate program to address students’ academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs.  This is accomplished through partnership with parents\guardians, school personnel, community to enable all students to become successful entrepreneurs and productive citizens in constantly changing world.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate the students’ adjustment to school life through orientation program at the start of every school year.
  • Accelerate the students’ academic performance by helping them to adjust in their college life by improving their study habits and attitudes through the different programs.
  • Cultivate an in-depth self-understanding among the students for them to discover and develop their potentials to the fullest by initiating programs and seminar-workshops for that purpose.
  • Develop a well-balanced personality among the students by providing awareness for the enhancement of their social skills through guidance activities.

Our Core Values

  • INTEGRITY– We up hold honesty, accountability, fairness in implementing the guidance services.
  • EMPATHY– We express deep understanding, warmth, immediacy, and concreteness in assisting       students to cope with their problems.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY– We oblige ourselves primarily to safeguard information or data about students, faculty, staff which are derived from counseling relationship.
  • INNOVATION– We courageously explore avenues to develop new programs and seminar-workshops for the betterment of the constituents.
  • TEAMWORK– We move as one in the spirit of trust, loyalty, cooperation, commitment, and solidarity in the achievement of the goals, mission, and vision of our unit and the institution as a whole.

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate the students’ adjustment to school life during their stay here.
  • To accelerate the students’ academic performance by helping them adjusts in their college life and improving their study habits and attitudes through the different programs.
  • To disseminate relevant information that will help students arrive at a sound decision.
  • To devise an effective placement and follow-up services for educational advancement and job opportunities for students.
  • To have a system of referral in case of specialized services.
  • To assist in activities related to faculty and staff developments.



Our Services


The Guidance Center assists students in their adjustment to college life by acquainting them with school programs, environment as well as its educational and course goals.


Individual Student Inventory

It gathers and organizes information about individual students. The inventory is utilized by the counselor to assist the student in coming up with well considered and realistic decisions.  All new students and transferees are required to fill out the inventory record.



Testing is administered to incoming freshmen and transferees.  It is used in counseling, selection purposes like in scholarships and admissions.  It provides information about students’ interest, abilities, attitudes, aptitudes and personality.



The Guidance Center checks and monitor students referred to for improvement/change of behavior.  It is also done to counselee to ascertain the correct implementation of plans of action in the resolution of their problems which have been agreed upon in the counseling process.



The Guidance Center helps the students in the selection of proper course or activity suited to their needs, interests, capacities and capabilities.  It also assists the students in searching for a job after graduation.



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The Guidance Center is located at the G\F

Tele-Counseling is also available dial

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