PSBA-Manila DRM Unit to participate in the upcoming International Seminar at Lahore, Pakistan

March 02, 2022 – The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Unit, Graduate School of Business (GSB), Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA), Manila will be participating in the upcoming International Seminar with a theme of “Disaster Risk Financing awareness towards Disaster and Climate Change Resiliency” on March 06, 2022 at the Department of City and Regional Planning, University of Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza will be representing the PSBA as one of the Resource Speaker during the technical session of the seminar.

 The main objective of this International Seminar is to contribute to make our society resilient by providing a stage in disaster risk financing. It also aims to foster closer ties among diversified participants and provide an avenue to share thoughts and exchange of ideas on how business organizations and its members can contribute more meaningfully to resolve disaster-related challenges faced and opportunities gained by Public Private Partnership. Further, it is the intention of this seminar to encourage governments and private sector including academia and business community to adopt sustainable Inclusive Financial Mechanism by integrating the poor at the core of risk management.

Specifically, the seminar aims to:

  • Seek fundamental awareness regarding Disaster Risk Financing as an important part of Disaster Risk Management Plan and make it a policy priority.
  • Have knowledge about on-ground realities and challenges faced by the institutional agencies and organizations regarding disaster risk financing.
  • Provide knowledge on how to drive capital towards sustainable climate change
  • Raise awareness and thereby understanding of the impact of disaster on economic stability of a nation.