On August 19, 2021, the Graduate School of Business, Philippine School of Business Administration – Manila, conducted a seminar with the title “Methods and Skills in Doing Research and International Publication Mechanism Seminar 2021” for the undergraduate department heads, faculty members, and staff. The seminar was held virtually via Zoom from 1PM-5PM. It was attended by more than 30 active participants. The seminar kicked off with opening and welcome remarks from Mr. Randolph J. Collado, President, GSB student Association and Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza, Associate Dean GSB, Director Research Center and DRM Unit respectively.

Among the invited were the distinguished speakers and experts from other institutions who gave their invaluable lectures on various topics on research and outcome-based education. Dr. Elias Sampa, Director, Curriculum & Programs, Australian International School gave a lecture on outcome-based curriculum (education). Prof. Arvin F. Villodres, GSB, PSBA, Adjunct Professor shared a lecture on Statistical/Quantitative tools for Thesis/Research and Dissertation Writing. Our very own Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza, was keen enough to share his vast knowledge on Thesis/Research title, statement of the problem, related questions, objects, and other features of the research and mechanism to publish the research in local and international journals, books, and reports. Also, Dr. Federico A. Figueroa Jr., Director Research Fellowship Program, DRM Unit, PSBA was given his fair share to showcase a Research Example (Dissertation work Presentation).

The seminar provided a platform for graduate students, especially those enrolled in Research Methodology, Thesis and Dissertation writing to learn as well as showcase their various researches. Indeed, the seminar equipped participants with necessary skills in writing their theses and dissertations, as well as helping them understand the scope of research, features, and how to use the research tools such as statistical compendium in achieving the desired objectives of a research/dissertation. It also sought to promote publications by the faculty members and students of PSBA to comply with the PACOCUA accreditation as well as the visibility of PSBA in the international community by publishing their researches in renowned journals, publications, books, and reports. The meeting ended at 5PM with closing remarks from Mr. Randolph J. Collado.