ATTN: Graduate School of Business (GSB) Students

August 17, 2020 – The enrollment in our Graduate School of Business is ongoing for MBA, MBA-DRM, and DBA Programs.

Following is the Schedule for your reference:
Pre-Enrollment: August 18 – 21, 2020

The students are requested to perform the following activities during the Pre-enrollment period:

  1. Check your respective schedule (MBA, MBA-DRM, and DBA Programs) and select subject/s to be enrolled.

For MBA and MBA-DRM subjects and schedules, click here: MBA and MBA-DRM Schedule of Classes

For DBA subjects and schedules, click here: DBA Schedule of Classes

  1. Download Registration Form here: Registration Form and fill out the required information (Under “Students Use Only”) and send it to the GSB Office at the following e-mails: [email protected][email protected], [email protected] for Advising.
  2. Contact the GSB Office if you need any consultation regarding the enrollment at the following e-mails: [email protected][email protected], phone number: 53101032, CP number: +63920-1123793
  3. Wait for the Adviser assessed Registration Form for your signature.
Enrollment Proper: August 22, 2020, and Classes Start on September 01, 2020
  1. Continue the pre-enrollment activities.
  2. The GSB will send the Adviser Assessed and Approved Form for the next steps as stipulated on the Registration Form.
  3. The GSB, Accounting, and Cashier’s Office will perform their activities as stipulated in the Registration Form.

The student will send the proof of payment and will receive Registration Form with Officially Enrolled Status.


Click to download the Registration Form and Advisor Sheet.