Earthquake Drill proves DRM awareness of PSBA-Manila students and personnel

July 19, 2018, the Philippine School of Business Administration – Manila (PSBA-Manila) participated in the Metro Manila earthquake shake drill. At 1:00 P.M., phones started blaring with alert messages from the NTC signaling the commencement of the drill.

In accordance to our own emergency plan, PSBA-Manila has indicated that the evacuation area is nearby Latter Day Saints’ Church. The bells rung by 1:01 P.M. when the students and personnel performed the “Duck, Cover & Hold” while maintaining calm and organized lines as they to the evacuation area made possible with the coordination of Dr. Erwin Zabala and the security personnel.

The students and personnel of PSBA-Manila were completely evacuated by 1:07 P.M. and assembled in the Latter Day Saints’ Church by 1:08 P.M. The Student Service Center ascertained that every student and faculty member present in the lobby participated in the drill.

After the headcount, the drill was officially dismissed by 1:11 P.M. Dr. Zabala remarked that the drill was successfully implemented. He also reminded everyone that, had an earthquake or other emergencies occur, the Latter Day Saints’ Church gates are open to PSBA-Manila students and employees.